Master - Lab - Software Analysis Dashboard

Supervisor: Klaus Tulbure, Stephan Plöger

Software analysis tools are a key feature in finding bugs and vulnerabilities in software. However, many of these tools lack certain aspects of usability (insufficient documentation, terminal-only, complex configuration, …). Also, many are kind of a black box, so the users do not know what is currently happening. Hence many peoples avoid them.

We want to change this.

The final goal of this lab is a dashboard that helps the user get started, provides them with the necessary information and shows what is happening.


Your task will be to improve certain aspects of state-of-the-art software analyzes regarding their usability. The project will be split up into several sub-projects, so you are free to choose which of the challenges you want to work on.


None. Knowledge of fuzzing, static analysis or machine learning can help but are not necessary. Depending on which challenges you choose, basic programming skills will be needed


Study of the usability of fuzzing vs static analysis: