Master - Lab - Language proficiency Screening Questions

Supervisor: Anna-Marie (

This Lab is suitable for a group

Many validated questionnaires are only available in English, thus many surveys are conducted in English, also in countries where English is not the main language. How can you make sure that the survey participants understand what is being asked of them? Screening questions for programming proficiency have been developed, and there exist ways to test English language proficiency.

Your task:

  • Do literature research to find screening questions for (English) language proficiency.
  • Test the screening questions on a between-groups sample with 1 group known as more English proficient than the other
  • Recommend a set of 3-5 screening questions to test English language proficiency

Literature to start with:

Danilova, A., Naiakshina, A., Horstmann, S., & Smith, M. (2021). Do you really code? designing and evaluating screening questions for online surveys with programmers.


You need to have passed the lecture “Usable security and privacy” or be willing to learn it on your own (english slides and german videos will be provided)