Seminar - OSS and quality metrics

Supervisor: Maxi (

(Some?) open source projects use labels that show some metric of the code, e.g., code coverage.

Example image

So, users of these projects can estimate the quality of the project. Also, security researchers can relate that to the effectiveness of the methods. Starting with a list of important projects on GitHub [0], your task is to research the usage of these labels and generate an overview.

Your task

  • Research the use and presentation of labels on GitHub
  • Starting questions:
    • What labels are in use?
    • Where are they presented?
    • What are the values (e.g., How many projects have a code coverage of x%, ..)?
    • What are differences based on, e.g., number of lines of code, number of maintainers, …

Literature to start with:

Example label/metric:,,,

0: List of important projects selected by OpenSSF: