WS 2023/24 - Lecture: Secure Software Engineering

The students are introduced to the security-relevant aspects of a software-engineering lifecycle. Therefore, the main ideas of including security throughout the development process will be presented and explained by examples. By showing common vulnerabilities throughout this course, the students will get an understanding of common vulnerabilities and attacks and how to prevent them.

In groups, the students will conduct practical exercises to strengthen the understanding of vulnerabilities and attack vectors. Through this, the abilities teamwork, time management, organization and critical discussion of their own and others’ results are strengthened.


  • Threat modeling
  • Risk analysis
  • Architectural security
  • Secure coding
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Secure configuration and deployment
  • Updates and maintenance

Alle Materialien zur Vorlesung sind hier zu finden:

Christian Tiefenau
Christian Tiefenau

I’m interested in the field of usability and security with special focus on administrators. If you are interested in collaboration feel free to contact me.