Master - Seminar - How expensive is security and privacy?

Supervisor: Eva (

This seminar is suitable for a group

Depending on how a user wants to secure their data, these steps cost money (e.g., if they decide to use a security key, having a phone that receives security updates, ..).

Your Task:

  • Analyze recommendations that are given to end users concerning their security and privacy. What does it need to follow them? Is it, e.g., necessary to buy soft- or hardware?
  • Are there areas where a) the free usage comes with a loss of privacy (and/or security) and b) where there would be a paid service offering the same things, but with guaranteed privacy. How expensive would it be to protect your data?
  • (If time or more than one person: How well represented are participants with low income in security and privacy studies? Is this a topic they bring up?)

Literatur to start with: