Master - Seminar - How important do people deem the privacy of other people?

Supervisor: Eva (

This seminar is suitable for a group

When people use technology, they do not only decide on their own data and privacy, but often also decide over other peoples’ privacy, e.g. when posting pictures online or allowing apps to access their contacts.

Your Task:

  • Go through papers published at one of the below listed conferences and find out how people handle the privacy of other people
  • Write a short summary for each of the papers, with a focus on the privacy question
  • Write an overview of the papers results. You could, for example, summarize by different groups of people (I.e. do people handle the privacy of own family members differently than that of complete strangers?).

If more than one student is interested in this topic, each will be assigned to one of the conferences, or a specific year/years of a conference. They differ in size, but we will make sure that each student will have the same amount of work. The first step is to identify the usability measures that authors used. Once there is a complete list, it is possible to group the usability measures and describe use cases for each of them. List of possible conferences:

Literatur to start with:

[1] Hasan et al.. A Psychometric Scale to Measure Individuals’ Value of Other People’s Privacy (VOPP) - Download from: