Master - Lab - Secure Code Snippets

Supervisor: Lisa ( and Eva (

This lab will be held in a group. If you apply on your own, we might ask you to work with other students who also applied. If you would like to apply together with others, you only need one expose.

User authentication is an important aspect of any system’s security, and has many possible points of failure, introduced both by users of the system as well as its developers. Code snippets that are well developed and secure can help other developers avoid common mistakes.

Your task:

Reseach and develop code snippets surrounding user authentication, e.g. implementations of two factor authentication, passkey, WebAuthn, etc. This is accompanied by a coding diary in which you make note of your process and possibly the difficulties that you encounter, and (in cases where it applies) how different methods to achieve the same goal compare to each other.


Basic knowledge of any of the following languages: Python, Java, C, C++, C#, Javascript, Ruby, Rust or Go
If you apply to this lab, please mention your preferred languages in your expose.