Bachelor - Projektgruppe / Master - Lab - Fuzzing

Supervisor: Christian Tiefenau (, Mischa Meier (

The main goals of this lab are to learn about fuzzing and to find bugs in programs with the help of current fuzzers (AFL++, libFuzzer, syzkaller, kafl or jazzer). Therefore, the students will select one fuzzer, make their first experience on an open-source project, and present it to the group. The second part of this lab is used to improve the approach to fuzz the software and potentially extend the fuzzer with the gained experience. The lab ends with a presentation of their results and a discussion, including their approaches.

Your Tasks:

  • Get familiar with one fuzzer
  • Present it to the group
  • Fuzz a real world target (and fix the bug?)
  • Propose and implement extension/improvement of the fuzzer of your choice


C, C++, Java

When you decided on a fuzzer, please send us a short fuzz-target for the fuzzer and program/library of your choice.