Master - Seminar - Standardized Surveys in Human Factors in Privacy and Security

Supervisor: Eva (

Studies with humans oftentimes make use of standardized and well-tested questionnaires to make sure that the concept that should be studied is actually also the concept that is captured with the questions (e.g., IUIPC, NASA-TLX).

Your task

  • Go through papers published at one of the below listed conferences and list all standardized surveys that were used in the papers.
  • Write a short summary of the topic and purpose from some of the identified surveys.

If more than one student is interested in this topic, each of you will get assigned to one of the conferences (they highly differ in their size, but we will make sure that each will have the same amount of work). The first step is to identify the surveys that authors used. After we have a complete list, each of you will get assigned to a subset of these standardized surveys to find out more about them.

List of possible conferences:

Literature to start with: