Master - Lab - Analysis of Security of Youtube tutorials

Supervisor: Eva (

YouTube is full of tutorials concerning all sort of topics, and many of them are considered to be relevant for IT security, e.g., creating a user login and dealing with authentication in general. The idea of this lab is to understand how the most popular tutorials deal with Security.

Your task

  • Start with the topic of user logins and authentication (more topics can be added)
  • Identify search terms and relevant videos/channels
  • Identify aspects to analyze (e.g., is security mentioned? When is it mentioned? Are the recommendations up-to-date?, …)
  • Watch videos and analyze them

Literature to start with

Fischer, Felix, et al. “Stack overflow considered harmful? the impact of copy&paste on android application security.” 2017 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP). IEEE, 2017.